Respect for one’s property

11 05 2010

We need to respect one’s property. No matter when we find out the real parameters of a property, we should respect the official lines, the legitimate owner’s right to his/her own property-line.


Bangladesh, once termed ‘bottomless basket’ now an example of ‘growth’…

24 01 2010

What a difference less than 40 years make. Bangladesh, once called ‘bottomless basket’ or ‘international basket case’, now a beacon of hope, an example of double-digit growth. What are they doing so right? Are the tables turning? Are there lessons for us?

To pursue money or to pursue passion – that is the question

24 12 2009

My dear friend wrote to me, “…At the mo(e)ment, I do very little photography, no golf and no g(u)itar. Do you really believe in ‘follow your passion, the rest will fall in place’ stuff? In a materialistic world, I beli(e)ve, the money kills the passion u(n)less you(r) passion itself makes good money for you…”

I think, you can modify/customize the approach. To feel/be safe, if in the beginning, one chooses the pursuit of money, then, one can start by having a goal, and once reached – one can then follow one’s passion. Hopefully after a certain point, the pursuing of the passion itself starts to help in suppporting ones livelihood – a win-win situation.

If chasing money is more important, then, maybe, the chasing of money itself “is the passion”.

Need inspiration? I think I have one for us all…

12 10 2009

Inspirational video: After watching this inspirational video that Suresh, my friend sent, I don’t think I have any more complaints about the not-so-important things in life…this person is my hero! What do you think!

Nobel Prize winner selection process – Should it change?

11 10 2009

Wikipedia mentions that Nobel Peace Prize is socially prestigious and sometimes ‘politically’ controversial. What can be done to prevent the repeat of the 2009 type-controversy? Does anything need to change in the selection process? Should we have a say as to who is chosen as the winner or be able to vote for the winner? Or, is the current selection process adequate? I think one remedial option could be the introduction of a new-competing-prize (e.g. “Limbo Prize”, meaning, transitional prize). What do you think?

Neither a rightwing-er nor a leftwing-er be. How about being a midwing-er?

5 10 2009

In one of my college economics courses we were taught that, economic-system-wise – no country in the world is totally a ‘capitalist’ or totally a ‘socialist’. We were taught that, most of the countries are from a mixed economic background. In theory, if the ‘capitalist’ system was on one side of the spectrum and the ‘socialist’ system is on the other, then, each country based on their mode of operation – falls somewhere in that scale closer to the system of their choice. Meaning, the degree of capitalism in the USA is different than that of UK or Germany; similarly, the socialist system of China is different than that of North Korea or Cuba, etc., hence on the capitalist-socialist scale, the difference in the degree of presence.

Similarly for political views, would it be prudent to say that one does not need to be labeled as a rightwing-er or a leftwing-er. One can be a midwing-er. What do you say?

Money – destination or an enabler?

5 10 2009

There is a saying that goes something like: one will always have house payments and will always have car payments.

Is it true? Does it have to be true? What do you say?